A Woman’s Wrath

Take and take. 
Your love shatters my heart.
You don't appreciate me,
Or fear me.
You loath me.
Pull my hair,
And kiss me goodbye.

I must quite playing along with your games.
To overcome and break free,
From your hands around my neck.

A life of misery for shattering my heart.
You will be missing me.

When hearing my name,
Or seeing my face.
You'll want my beating heart
And my warm embrace.

I can breath again.
The space in my heart where I once carried you.
It's now empty and cold.

A warning.
Pull my hair and I'll pull your heart out.

Kiss me,
Love me,
Fear me.

Image from my own work.

Published by abbipoetry17

I am a mother by day and a poet by night. I love any form of creativity that lets me showcase my inner emotions.

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