My mother's greatest joy
and my father's worst surprise.
Being born a girl,
I am nothing in the court's eyes.
Practicing law and government as my brother has done.
But sadly as a princess a crown will never be won.
So many things to accomplish and to learn.
I must have all languages right,
For someday it will be my turn.
Fair bright skin
And beauty beyond compare.
A young virgin girl
with her mother's hair.
My father's pawn
and my mother's daughter.
I must have a son
to not be slaughtered.
I have a duty to God
and to the Holy Father.
I must marry a king
to be my father's daughter.

Published by abbipoetry17

I am a mother by day and a poet by night. I love any form of creativity that lets me showcase my inner emotions.

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      1. I’m curious what your take is then, is independence learned through rejection of authority and the confines of control that others seek to place on us, or is a natural gift that we are born with that shoves us into a zone of personal acceptance and comfort like a child has that is either unlearned or broken?

        I feel like without the shackles true independence isn’t ever realized, we all have to fight for our autonomy and self realized spirit. I’m thinking to how kids act, free spirited, but beholden to their caretakers until they can break free. Of course that usually involvea stepping into the socially constructed world we all have various degrees of piss poor interaction with – a different kind of yoke. Children do have a sense of bodily comfort that they recognize themselves as themselves however – they’re okay with their bodies and curiosity no matter the shape or flavor of it.

        Damn it, now you’ve got me thinking harder about questions to big for my meek little mind to process, 😉

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      2. I believe teaching every child the since of respect of authority….guiding them…teaching right from wrong . Letting them know the joys and dangers of life and that it isn’t always easy.


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