Annually I get a sweet taste of my past.
I look forward to the new memories to come.
What I would give to call it home.
Thick layers of snow is too much they say.
I'd still give it the college try.
Cool mornings bring my body peace.
The woodland animal sounds bring my mind to an ease.
Cunning little chipmunks leaping through the soft green grass.
Mama deer waits for feed to aid their nursing fawns.
My favorite trees are nature's wind chimes with the heavy breeze.
The hammock rocks me to sleep as if I were a baby again.
This land exudes peace.
Our time here comes to a close.
Sooner than I'd like,
But the friendly tree with a face says we'll see him soon.

Published by abbipoetry17

I am a mother by day and a poet by night. I love any form of creativity that lets me showcase my inner emotions.

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