"Your hair is too frizzy."
"Your head is way too big."
"Why are you eyes so close together?"
"Ew, you need braces."
"You're really weird...you know that right?"
"Why do you pick at your self like that?"
"She is way bigger than most girls our age."
"I heard she got her period early, that's so odd."
"Ugh, look at her crocs..those shoes are so ugly."
"Does she ever take showers? Gosh she smells."
"Her shoulders look so manly."
(My head isn't that big, is it?)
(My mom said she was trying to save up for braces.)
(Why am I always alone?)
(I didn't want to start my period early...it just happened.)
(Why are they staring at my Crocs?)
(I can't stand my appearance..I'm nothing like the other girls.)
(I hate my hair.)
(I just want to fit in.)
(No one ever wants to play with me.)
(Will it ever get better?)
(Will I ever fit in?)
(I've never felt more alone.)
(Man, it's scary getting old.)

Published by abbipoetry17

I am a mother by day and a poet by night. I love any form of creativity that lets me showcase my inner emotions.

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