High School Sweetheart

Classified as my first true love.

He saw me through hard times.

Little did I know much more was to come.

We were such babies you and I.

Lunch room napkins

Morphed into a rose bouquet.

Notes snuck into backpacks,

Telling our eternal love for each other.

Phone calls that made our ears red hot.

You were Exactly what my elders wanted for me.

We are a different breed you and I.

You were groomed for success

And took the offer of your dreams.

I was groomed , but wasn’t driven

And floated through.

Growing up and growing apart.

Senior year came so fast.

Wanting different things.

We wanted so badly to be “that couple .”

Forced emotions brought a harsh end.

Two different teens

Now grown up and far apart.

New loves have come and gone.

You’ll always be that first one.

Published by abbipoetry17

I am a mother by day and a poet by night. I love any form of creativity that lets me showcase my inner emotions.

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