Will they ever know?

Know the distant melody

Of the ice cream man coming around?

The silence that comes

When the first snow falls.

Turning the dining room into a sheet castle.

Running through the soft green grass

And playing without worries.

Will grandpa be there to hide our Easter eggs?

Every Christmas, will the whole family be present?

No matter what?

Could it be possible that mommy and daddy would still be together ?

And happy that they are?

When they com home from school and gush about their day

Will I listen ?

I want them to know I’m here , and I care.

And in this life all we really have is each other.

I need them to know , hear , see and feel


Published by abbipoetry17

I am a mother by day and a poet by night. I love any form of creativity that lets me showcase my inner emotions.

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