Rex Inferis

The defeat of our father

And the TITANS reign.

The power of the cosmos

Is ours to claim.

I am given my home.

Which lies between

Th rich Solis’s of earth

And the seas.

Far deeper from the sky.

Sunless and cold.

The underworld is my kingdom to hold.

My presence is not welcomed by the gods,

Nor by mortals.

And yet they still fear where their lives could end.

My three headed companion is just not enough.

Persephone is claimed mine,

So I must be rough.

I stole her away from what she loves most.

The flowers and trees is how she boasts.

Spring and fertility is the time she has alone.

But once the summer sun rises she begins to moan.

Weeping with agony she must return to me.

The god of the underworld Hades.


Tarp Tents And Fresh Air

Will they ever know?

Know the distant melody

Of the ice cream man coming around?

The silence that comes

When the first snow falls.

Turning the dining room into a sheet castle.

Running through the soft green grass

And playing without worries.

Will grandpa be there to hide our Easter eggs?

Every Christmas, will the whole family be present?

No matter what?

Could it be possible that mommy and daddy would still be together ?

And happy that they are?

When they com home from school and gush about their day

Will I listen ?

I want them to know I’m here , and I care.

And in this life all we really have is each other.

I need them to know , hear , see and feel



High School Sweetheart

Classified as my first true love.

He saw me through hard times.

Little did I know much more was to come.

We were such babies you and I.

Lunch room napkins

Morphed into a rose bouquet.

Notes snuck into backpacks,

Telling our eternal love for each other.

Phone calls that made our ears red hot.

You were Exactly what my elders wanted for me.

We are a different breed you and I.

You were groomed for success

And took the offer of your dreams.

I was groomed , but wasn’t driven

And floated through.

Growing up and growing apart.

Senior year came so fast.

Wanting different things.

We wanted so badly to be “that couple .”

Forced emotions brought a harsh end.

Two different teens

Now grown up and far apart.

New loves have come and gone.

You’ll always be that first one.


Rulers Of Fate

Thread, spindle and shears.

Devine fortune tellers.

The date of the gods and mortals

Rests in our deathly cold hands.

Their destinies are spun

At the length in which we see

And sliced by sharp rusted shears.

Not even Zeus can handle our tedious task.

Three sisters.

For past , present and future.

We are here to last.


The Curse Of Having Frizzy Hair, And Broad Shoulders.

"Your hair is too frizzy."
"Your head is way too big."
"Why are you eyes so close together?"
"Ew, you need braces."
"You're really weird...you know that right?"
"Why do you pick at your self like that?"
"She is way bigger than most girls our age."
"I heard she got her period early, that's so odd."
"Ugh, look at her crocs..those shoes are so ugly."
"Does she ever take showers? Gosh she smells."
"Her shoulders look so manly."
(My head isn't that big, is it?)
(My mom said she was trying to save up for braces.)
(Why am I always alone?)
(I didn't want to start my period early...it just happened.)
(Why are they staring at my Crocs?)
(I can't stand my appearance..I'm nothing like the other girls.)
(I hate my hair.)
(I just want to fit in.)
(No one ever wants to play with me.)
(Will it ever get better?)
(Will I ever fit in?)
(I've never felt more alone.)
(Man, it's scary getting old.)

My Peaceful Cabin

Annually I get a sweet taste of my past.
I look forward to the new memories to come.
What I would give to call it home.
Thick layers of snow is too much they say.
I'd still give it the college try.
Cool mornings bring my body peace.
The woodland animal sounds bring my mind to an ease.
Cunning little chipmunks leaping through the soft green grass.
Mama deer waits for feed to aid their nursing fawns.
My favorite trees are nature's wind chimes with the heavy breeze.
The hammock rocks me to sleep as if I were a baby again.
This land exudes peace.
Our time here comes to a close.
Sooner than I'd like,
But the friendly tree with a face says we'll see him soon.

Born To Wed, Not To Rule.

My mother's greatest joy
and my father's worst surprise.
Being born a girl,
I am nothing in the court's eyes.
Practicing law and government as my brother has done.
But sadly as a princess a crown will never be won.
So many things to accomplish and to learn.
I must have all languages right,
For someday it will be my turn.
Fair bright skin
And beauty beyond compare.
A young virgin girl
with her mother's hair.
My father's pawn
and my mother's daughter.
I must have a son
to not be slaughtered.
I have a duty to God
and to the Holy Father.
I must marry a king
to be my father's daughter.

Buster Brown

They called you damaged goods

And broken beyond compare.

Some how some way you hooked my mom in.

She saw you as a stray animal to nurse back to health.

Little did she know she was playing with fire.

You helped create me

But you did not raise me.

You broke my mom down

Piece by piece.

Hurting her didn’t bother her

But as soon as it was me she fled.

I knew you as a “bad man” my whole life.

“Daddy issues” is what they said I have.

But how can I have that when you never came around?

They say I resemble you,

With my big hazel eyes.

I’ve waited and my hopes fall down.

Gram says to me to not set my expectations too high.

I am no longer hurt by you,

But I hurt for you.

A Woman’s Wrath

Take and take. 
Your love shatters my heart.
You don't appreciate me,
Or fear me.
You loath me.
Pull my hair,
And kiss me goodbye.

I must quite playing along with your games.
To overcome and break free,
From your hands around my neck.

A life of misery for shattering my heart.
You will be missing me.

When hearing my name,
Or seeing my face.
You'll want my beating heart
And my warm embrace.

I can breath again.
The space in my heart where I once carried you.
It's now empty and cold.

A warning.
Pull my hair and I'll pull your heart out.

Kiss me,
Love me,
Fear me.

Image from my own work.

A mother by day,and a poet by night.

Hello my fellow creative souls! My name is Abigail Jane and this is my creative writing blog. I’ve always been a lover of creative ways to express my self. I’ve always had wild stories and thoughts in my head. I honestly have way too many thoughts jumping around in my head not to write. My goal for my writing to my self is to let out emotions and feelings I have bottled up. My goal for my readers is to have you feel something, remember a sweet memory and ultimately entertain you all. I don’t stick to the norm with my creative writing. I really hope you all enjoy.

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